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Search engine optimization is something almost everyone knows about by now. The basic idea is that you find a way to make Google notice your website before it sees other sites whenever anyone searches for particular terms. There are numbers and statistics, but the basic truth is that if you want to do business on the internet, you’re going to need to know how SEO works.

Unfortunately, SEO is the sort of thing that an expert should deal with. It’s not just using keywords appropriately. There are a dozen and a half different details that you have to be able to utilize at a moment’s notice. Not only that, your SEO infrastructure may have to change radically over the course of a few days.

That said, there are some things you can do if you’d like to see a small increase in business. SEO for beginners isn’t easy, and you won’t see much benefit. But you can see some benefit as long as you’re determined. And the benefits from SEO can be very lucrative.

1) Learn What People Are Searching For

Google gives website administrators a report of what keyword search terms people use to find the site. These keywords mean very little on their own. It’s simply that when someone types in an individual keyword search, and find your site thanks to that search, Google lets you know. And don’t forget to capitalize on video search traffic from YouTube.

Once you have a list of keywords, however, you can adjust your website properly. If people are looking for a particular keyword over others, then you should figure out how to add more of that keyword. However, be careful with this, for reasons that will be explained next.

2) Avoid Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a term that refers to SEO tactics that are used to make a site look more appealing than it is. They’re the SEO tactical equivalent of click bait (and in fact, click bait is a type of Black Hat SEO). There’s also keyword stuffing and many others.

The problem is that Google is constantly adjusting their search algorithms to fight against Black Hat SEO. They didn’t become the only search engine around by letting their users find complete junk when they search. A great example is a recent change in how Google identifies keyword use. Keyword stuffing, merely shoving the keyword into the website as often as possible with no rhyme or reason, will now get the site blacklisted. Google just doesn’t recognize it as existing.

3) Update Regularly

Update regularly doesn’t mean update daily. Nor does it mean weekly. It means “on a regular schedule.” People will come to your site if they know there’s interesting stuff on that site. Your regular clients will return and again if they know you’re consistent. It will build brand loyalty, and when people are loyal, they tend to give you money.

Ultimately, SEO for beginners is a tricky beast. Unless you’re planning on taking a dedicated SEO class, it’s better to hire a digital professional. Not every website needs the same SEO tactics to survive, and not every website benefits from every SEO tactic the same way.

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